Opinel helps you with your spring gardening

Spring arrives in March. Nature comes alive, flowers bloom and spring cleaning begins. The gardening tools are taken out and the garden slowly starts to wake up and bloom. We have some spring tips for you on what to do in your garden when spring arrives.

It may seem like everything is blooming in March, but now is also the perfect time to prune trees, shrubs, roses, etc. Pruning removes dead branches that can damage the plant, shapes the plant to encourage regrowth, makes the garden more attractive and encourages summer flowering. To prune trees successfully, you need pruning shears. These should be used correctly, with the handle on the side of the branch to be cut and the blade on the side to be left.


Another important pruning tool is the garden saw. This cuts off branches that are too long and a little thicker.


The task of spring is to repair all the damage caused by the winter. First, remove any dead flowers, damaged leaves or dry stems using secateurs or a pruning knife. You can also hoe the soil between the plants to aerate it and scarify the beds so that the new plants can get a good foothold. A good way to breathe new life into the soil is to use mulch. Once the soil is breathing again, sow a few vegetable seeds: lettuce, beetroot, radishes, etc. Keep in mind that you don't necessarily have to remove every bit of frost-affected plant. Some may revive and flower a few weeks later.


Plants often suffer from a number of diseases, especially those caused by parasites, bacteria and fungi, so they need to be protected. With the arrival of spring, you can fight disease with preventive treatments. There are different options for each season. Also, don't forget to remove fallen plant parts: these can attract parasites that can cause disease. For example, you can burn them. It is also important to protect trees, shrubs and other plants from cuts. We recommend using tree balms and waxes. Finally, remember to clean and disinfect the tools after use to avoid contaminating the plants with bacteria etc.


Weeding, pruning, picking, cutting, grafting, harvesting... Opinel has created a collection of small garden tools with which you can take care of your garden like a pro: secateurs, pruning shears, pruning knives, a universal pocket garden knife and folding saws. The curved European stainless steel blades make harvesting, grafting and pruning a breeze, while the handles made from beech wood (sourced from sustainably managed French forests) offer a comfortable grip. Care for your garden with Opinel tools that are environmentally friendly and whose craftsmanship dates back to 1890.