In the shop you will find thousands of models of branded kitchen and household equipment from the best carefully selected international brands. You have probably noticed, and maybe that's why you are here, that you can buy most of the offered goods at the best prices not only on the Czech market, but also on the European market.

You may be wondering how this is possible. Maybe you hesitate whether you can buy from us with confidence. Let's take a closer look at what is behind the great prices of branded goods you see on our e-shop.

First of all, there's a lot of work behind it. From finding reliable business partners, to communicating and maintaining good business relationships, to creating a robust and reliable system that always offers you, our customers, the best possible price on your chosen product. We buy branded kitchen and household goods exclusively from Czech and European distributors, authorized brand distributors and wholesalers, or directly from the manufacturer. We always try to buy goods for you as close to the manufacturer as possible to minimize the chain through which the goods pass from the manufacturer to the end customer. 

But of course that's not all. We have been running our e-shop since 2013. In that time we have developed and perfected a system that allows us to always buy goods from the cheapest supplier where the item is currently in stock. We then pass on the cost savings in the form of cheaper goods to you, our customers.

But that's not all. Not only do we keep the purchase price of our goods low, but we have also developed our own system to monitor the price of our competitors and regularly update the price of our goods so that, as far as possible, you can find the best deals with us.

All this is also possible thanks to the house that we make the most of things by our own efforts. We are not lazy and do not waste resources where it is not necessary. This is another piece in the mosaic where the result is the lowest price for you. 

While we do offer the best prices, it is not at the expense of the service we provide. In addition to sales services, we provide quality customer service. Whether it is the option of additional services or after sales service, including for customer handling of any complaints.

We can't work miracles, but we try. Try buying from us and see for yourself that even quality branded goods can be bought cheaply, with good service and with a guarantee!