Opinel Intempora filleting knife 18 cm, 002221

Knife with stainless steel, 18 cm long, flexible blade and ergonomically curved handle of the Intempora design series for filleting and slicing especially delicate fish meat. More

Manufacturer: OpinelProduct code: 002221
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Knife with stainless steel, 18 cm long, flexible blade and ergonomically curved handle of the Intempora design series for filleting and slicing especially delicate fish meat. More

Manufacturer: OpinelProduct code: 002221
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Opinel Intempora filleting knife 18 cm

The flexible, 18 cm long, 2 mm thick stainless steel blade is particularly useful when processing fish meat, whether you're filleting or cutting fine slices for sushi.Thanks to the ergonomic handle in smoke blue, the knife is very easy to hold and handle, and the blade is very flexible.

- Blade length: 18 cm

- blade thickness: 2 mm

- blade material: special stainless steel blend

- handle material: highly resistant polymer

- handle colour: smoke blue

- dishwasher safe, hand washing recommended

Exceptional combination of great features

Special modified Sandvik 12C27 M steel ensures high corrosion resistance and perfect cutting ability (14.5% chromium + 0.60% manganese for rust resistance and 0.52% carbon for perfect cutting edges)

A hardness of 57 HRC on the Rockwell scale means a really high wear resistance of the blade

30° sharpening angle, 15° on each side

Optimisation of dimensions for each type of knife to ensure maximum efficiency for the activity for which it is to be used

V-grip knife easy and safe to grip thanks to the blade angle

Ergonomic handleprofile guides your hand to the right grip

Smooth lines, with no unevenness that makes it difficult to grip and maintain

The Intempora collection, made for excellent slicing - get to know it

The shape and colours of the Intempora kitchen knife collection are inspired by the trendy industrial style, similar to the Opinel steak knife range Appetit. With the Intenpora collection, not only does modern design and the best possible materials come into your kitchen, but also French culinary excellence and the art of enjoying life.
The ergonomically shaped handle of the knives in this range is made of highly durable polymer-POM, which ensures that it is resistant to chemicalm detergents, withstands high temperatures and, of course, its shape and colour resist the effects of any hot or cold water. The blade of Intempora kitchen knives is made of a special blend of 12C27 stainless steel (Sandvik Mod), which protects it from the effects of corrosion and ensures superior sharpness. The steel blade runs the entire length of the knife, ensuring adequate balance and creating an interesting design element.

What you shouldn't forget

- Safe storage

Store your knives in a safe place(out of reach of children), always ensuring that the handle, not the blade, is facing you. The knives should not touch each other during storage.

- Cleanliness

Always store only cleaned and dried knives in the wooden knife block or on the magnetic bar. Rather than using a dishwasher, use approx. 55°C hot water and a sponge.

- Correct size

Always use the right knife - the size and texture of the ingredients being processed (meat, vegetables, fish, baked goods) vary greatly, so use specific cutting techniques for each ingredient and therefore a specific knife.

There is no steel like steel

The choice of steel determines the durability and quality of the blade and is therefore given due consideration, as it will ultimately affect the main performance characteristics of the entire product. For the knives of the Opinel Intempora collection, the high-quality Swedish steel 12C27 Sandvik Mod. This steel is highly resistant to corrosion and easy to maintain thanks to the addition of chromium (14.5%) and manganese (0.60%). The addition of carbon in the steel (0.52%) ensures an excellent edge that holds its shape even when in contact with harder material.


The birth of a legend

The story of the now iconic Opinel® brand begins in the 19th century, when the merchant Victor-Amédée Opinel learned to forge nails during his travels and subsequently set up his forge in France. After his death, his son Daniel took over the craft and became the "maker of sharp objects" for the local farmers, as the blades of his sickles and scythes were renowned far and wide as the sharpest possible.

But the real Opinel pocket knife would have to wait a little longer to see the light of day. Daniel Opinel' s eldest son, Joseph, decided to follow in his father's footsteps and, driven by an artistic passion...he combined hand craftsmanship with the most advanced technology of the day to create a small miracle. The year was 1890 and the Opinel pocket knife saw the light of day, a knife loved from day one and handed down from generation to generation. A knife that over the following years won hundreds of thousands of fans around the world, became a staple in many households and, in a way, one of the symbols of France.

knife type fillet knife
blade length (cm) 18