Nordic Ware mini baking tray with 16 moulds Festive Tea Pastry, 3 cup silver, 93748

Nordic Ware

Metal mould for baking 16 pieces of festive tea cakes in 4 different shapes. Volume 700 ml (3 cup). More

Product code: 93748
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Nordic Ware

Metal mould for baking 16 pieces of festive tea cakes in 4 different shapes. Volume 700 ml (3 cup). More

Product code: 93748
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Nordic Ware holiday tea cake mould (HolidayTeacakes Cakelet), sheet with 16 moulds in 4 different shapes, silver, 0,7 l

Surprise family and friends with the perfect festive tea cake. Bake small, only 3 cm high gingerbread men, festive wreaths, snowflakes or wrapped presents. This baking tin makes your work much easier, as it contains 16 small moulds, 4 of the same shape each time. The tin is also suitable for smaller ovens, and can withstand temperatures up to and including 200°C.

What's small is pretty!

- Material: cast aluminium, PFOA free non-stick interior

- Volume: 0.71 l (3 cup)

- Colour: silver

- Dimensions of the whole mould: rectangle 30,98 x 24,4 cm, depth 3,04 cm

- Dimensions of one cube: approx. 6 x 6 x 2.3 cm

- Made in: USA

- Health-safe

Maintenance instructions

- Hand wash with warm soapy water before first use and after each subsequent use.

- Do not use metal objects or wire.

- Use a soft brush to remove stubborn dough deposits.

- Fill the mould to a maximum of 2/3 full.

- Never use olive oil, sunflower oil or other common table oils for greasing.

- We recommend greasing the mould with lard or clarified butter, or spraying it with a special spray oil and dusting it with (semi-coarse flour or coconut).

The American brand Nordic Ware began its history in 1946 when the company was founded by David Dalquist, a metallurgical engineer with Swedish roots, and his wife Dorothy. However, it wasn't until 1950 that the company came to the attention of customers when a group of housewives visited David and asked him to create the classic cake mould they knew from their European homelands. David granted their request and created the world famous Bundt, the patented name for the bundt cake mould. The next twist came in 1966. A prestigious baking competition (the Pillsbury Bake-Off) was held in Houston, USA, where contestant Ella Helfrich placed 2nd. With a Nordic Ware mould with a hole in the middle, she baked the now iconic Fudge Tunnel recipe, which guaranteed fame not only for her but also for the Nordic Ware brand, which became an overnight hit.

Today, nearly 70 million households have a Nordic Ware mold , and that number is still growing. The company is headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where it also has a development centre. In fact, the Nordic Ware brand is constantly renewing its product range with new shapes and seasonal moulds. When a mould is designed, first a 3D model is printed and then production begins. Everything from the creation to the shipping of the product is done in one place.

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