Staub cast iron frying pan, black, Ø 26 cm



Staub round cast iron pan in black has a diameter of 26 cm. The perfect helper when preparing juicy steaks. More

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Staub round cast iron pan in black has a diameter of 26 cm. The perfect helper when preparing juicy steaks. More

Product code: 1222625
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Staub cast iron frying pan, black, Ø 26 cm

The Staub cast-iron pan in black is particularly suitable for preparing all types of meat, with a diameter of 26 cm and a height of approximately 5 cm, so you can also use it as a sauté pan.Steaks, fillets, medallions are quickly pulled in and remain juicy inside. Of course, you can also use the cast iron skillet for a wide range of other ingredients - you can sauté fresh vegetables and make fluffy pancakes.
Cast iron is a favourite with chefs for its ability to accumulate and then distribute heat evenly across its surface.

  • Extremely durable enamelled cast iron
  • Suitable for all cooking surfaces, including induction, and for the oven
  • Suitable for oven up to 250°C
  • Serving from oven or stove directly on the table
  • The smooth enamel exterior is reminiscent of majolica ceramics in its surface and rich colour

Pan dimensions:

  • Diameter 26 cm, bottom diameter 21.2 cm
  • Height 5.1 cm
  • Weight 2,58 kg
  • Dimensions including handles: 48,2 cm



Cast iron is very resistant to temperature shocks, but it is also resistant to scratches. Its stable appearance and timeless design are also ideal for serving directly from the pot. Thanks to its non-stick surface, it is also suitable for caramelising, roasting, braising but above all for slow cooking. Staub cast iron cookware is very easy to maintain and very comfortable to use.


The actual production of cast iron cookware involves hundreds of visual and technical checks. Therefore, you can be sure of the unique quality and precision with which Staub cookware will enter your home.


Casting cast iron cookware is no easy task. Production begins with the preparation of an aluminium mould, which creates a sand mould designed for one casting only. The casting of the melt from pig iron and coke is done automatically, under the supervision of the human eye. The remainder of the sand mould is gradually removed from the casting on a vibrating belt and then manually cleaned.


The product has a final shape, but still needs a lot of care to ensure that it has the properties that are typical of cast iron. Then it's on to the refining process, where the product undergoes a grinding of the castings, blastingsteel sanding and enamelling, which takes place in up to three layers. All that is needed to complete the unique pot is firing at 800°C for 30 minutes.


Unique cast iron cookware, which not only has perfect properties but also a distinctive design directly from France. This is how the Staub brand could be defined. Imagine the year 1974 and the French Alsace, which is famous for its rich culinary experience and craftsmanship. It was here that Francis Staub founded the company that, just a few years later, would join forces with Michelin-starred chefchef Paul Bocus to lend his face to a dish that he believes should not be missing from any home. The STAUB logo consists of the image of a stork, which is the traditional emblem of Alsace, and the word STAUB, referring to the uniqueness of the brand originating in France.

diameter 26
color Black
into the oven yes
induction yes
pan type classic