KitchenAid Artisan K400 Table Mixer, Honey, 5KSB4026EHY

The top-of-the-range table blender with a 1.4 litre glass container in the colour of freshly spun honey, aptly named Honey. 5 speeds, pulse selection, 3 preset programmes (smoothie, ice crush and iced drinks). More

Manufacturer: KitchenAidProduct code: 5KSB4026EHY
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The top-of-the-range table blender with a 1.4 litre glass container in the colour of freshly spun honey, aptly named Honey. 5 speeds, pulse selection, 3 preset programmes (smoothie, ice crush and iced drinks). More

Manufacturer: KitchenAidProduct code: 5KSB4026EHY
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KitchenAid Table Mixer Artisan K400, honey

A special Honey shade, evoking the warmth of gatherings together and bringing warmth to any kitchen.The inspiration for this colour tone was the global recognition that people crave togetherness and the opportunity for personal contact with others now more than ever before.
The colour with its golden orange undertones is warm and upbeat, brightening up any kitchen, whether modern or rustic.

The table blender-blender in the new, warm shade of Honey features a 1.4 litre glass container, a sharp asymmetrical stainless steel blade that blends under 4 different angles and a smart motor with Intelli-Speed speed control that optimally adjusts the speed based on the contents to process any ingredients. The mixer has really simple, intuitive controls with a single cast iron knob that you can simply turnWith a simple turn, you can set a total of 5 speeds, 3 preset programs (smoothie, ice crush and iced drink) and also start the self-cleaning function.
The warm shade of freshly spun honey - Honey blends well with both the colours of modern kitchenssuch as matte black, silver or pearl white, as well as with subtle vanilla or brownish tones.
The KitchenAid Artisan K400 Honey blender, like other members of the large KitchenAid family, will not only make it easier for you to make creamy soups, sauces, purees or smoothies and summer cocktails, but also, thanks to its stylish, rounded and timelessretro design and quality materials, it will be a long-lasting addition to your kitchen.

The blender has 5 speeds, and of course it has a pulse option , plus 3 preset programs and a purge cycle. Once you get to know it, you will use your new "duck" every day and you will perfect your wellness in the kitchen. Do you fancy an iced coffee, a fruit or vegetable smoothie, a creamy soup made from fresh carrots, peas or leeks, or do you just want an icy splash? Do you have a small child and want to prepare nutritionally valuable and healthy home-cooked meals or are you a fan of raw food? No problem, your new powerful blender can help you with all of this. Give vent to your passion and embark on a journey of culinary discovery. The new, warm and sweetly soothing Honey colour can be one of your steps towards culinary creation together, whether with family or friends.

Specifications of the Artisan K400 table mixer

- 1.5 HP (horsepower) motor

- 1200 W power input

- voltage 220-240 V

- frequency 50-60 Hz

- speed/min 600-16,000 (pulse option)

- Number of speeds 5 selectable, pulse option

- number of programs 3 preset working programs, cleaning cycle


- container volume 1.4 l

- body material: cast iron

- clutch material: metal

- container material: impact-resistant glass

- lid material: black silicone

- product dimensions (h x w x d) 40 x 19.3 x 23 cm

- product weight 6,6 kg

- cable length 91 cm

Glass container

Ribbed glass container with a capacity of 1.4 l and marked measuring scale. The square shape of the container and the internal ribbing increase the power and vortex formation, the raised inner bottom corners of the container press the ingredients into the mixing vortex and the bevelled top corners make it easier to pour out the contents. Dishwasher safe.

Silicone lid with measuring cup

The lid fits securely on the container, easy to remove and clean. Removable plastic measuring cup, BPA-free, holds up to 60 ml, not only for measuring but also for adding ingredients during blending. The lid and measuring cup can be easily washed in the dishwasher.

Simple, intuitive operation

One cast-iron knob for selecting both the 5 speeds and pulsation, and the 3 programs the machine has - the ice crushing programme, where the blender first pulses rapidly for 30 seconds to settle the ice in differentpositions, and then crushes it at high speed; ice drinks, where the power is alternately increasedand decreases to perfectly blend even hard ingredients, eventually going from 6,000 rpm to 16,000 rpm. The third possible setting is smoothies, where the blender runs at 14,000 rpm for 45 seconds, the optimum time and speed calculated by experts to create the perfect consistency. Finally, the same knob starts the self-cleaning programme for quick and easy cleaning.

Patented blade shape

The patented, asymmetrically shaped stainless steel blade mixes ingredients at 4 different angles, which then draws the contents into the centre of the container and mixes even the thickest ingredients. The solid, 3 mm thick hardened steel allows you to process vegetables and fruits without having to cut them into smaller pieces. Dishwasher safe .

Cast metal body

The base of the blender is made of durable cast iron, as is the control knob. The robust body, combined with the non-slip elements, ensures complete stability. The simple, pleasantly rounded design is also easy to clean.

Benefits of the KitchenAid Artisan K400 table mixer

- Classically elegant rounded design

- Uniquely sharpened asymmetrical stainless steel blade

- metal coupling between the body and the container

- Durable glass container with internal ribbing and measuring cup

- all-metal construction for durability and stability

- simple intuitive operation

- 5 optimised speeds + pulse selection

- 3 preset programs (smoothie, ice crushing and iced drinks)

- self-cleaning cycle

- ergonomic handle for easy and comfortable handling

- everything except the base is dishwasher safe

color orange