In our offer you will find quality Zwilling pressure cookers of various sizes. Of course, all the pots on offer meet safety requirements to the maximum. They are primarily made of stainless steel materials, have safety pressure locks, quality seals and also have a modern look. Their manufacturers have many years of experience and use the best technology, so that easy maintenance and a long period of use are also guaranteed with these pots.

Some of us may recall our mother's weekend cooking as a child: when the stove hissed with a jumping drain valve, which we watched with innate disbelief - and some of us even had our own bad experiences, accompanied by the subsequent painting of the entire kitchen. It's just that there really is an abysmal difference between the pressure cooker of that time and the pressure cookers of today. And even though the "pap" has been around for over three hundred years, its principle is still relevant today. Thanks to the greater pressure inside the closed pot, higher cooking temperatures can be achieved. And higher temperatures mean faster cooked food: this saves not only time, but also energy and money, and is also more food-friendly.

As with other cookware (pans and pots), the prospective user must first answer the questions of what to cook, how often, for whom/how much, and also on which stove. And last but not least, how much he is willing to spend on a pressure cooker. Most modern pressure cookers, especially those from branded manufacturers, are also compatible with modern induction cookers and therefore with all other types of heating from gas to induction. However, it is necessary to check the suitability of the pot for a particular cooker when purchasing, usually the heating icons are marked directly on the bottom of the pot, on the packaging or in the instruction manual.