In our offer you will find various types of pans, depending on the size or purpose of use. We recommend that you choose a pan primarily with regard to its purpose. If you need a pan for universal use, a classic deep pan will suffice. You can also choose one of the specialised pans such as wok, grill or pancake pans. It is also important to pay attention to the material of which the pan is made, its size and whether it is suitable for your type of hob, whether you have induction, gas or glass ceramic.

We can give you an overview of several types of pans that you can find with us:

Type of pans

Based on the application, you can choose from 4 types of pans:
Classic pan - deeper pan, universal use
Wok - a special deep pan used in Asian cuisine, you will appreciate its advantages especially on gas hobs, when the ingredients will be heated not only from the bottom but also from the sides
Grill - a pan designed for steak preparation, the pans are heavier and have a fluted surface
For pancakes - they have a low edge, so flipping pancakes or pancakes is easier


Pans are most often made of stainless steel or aluminium due to the good heat conductivity of these materials. The surface of the pan should preferably be made of non-stick material. The most common surface materials are:
Teflon and other non-stick surfaces (PTFE) - can be fried without cooking fat, but are not scratch resistant
Ceramic - non-stick surface (but cannot be cooked completely without fat), scratch resistant
Titanium - non-stick surface, good heat conductivity, scratch resistant

Other parameters you should take into account when choosing the right pan for you:

Size and volume - depends on the purpose of the pan and the number of people in the household
Suitability for induction
Use in the oven


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Ken Hom wok Classic 35 cm, KH335001

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The Ken Hom wok, from the Asian master chef of the same name, is part of the Classic range and is one of the true quality cookware. The pan…