Mason Cash In The Forest coffee storage box, white, 2002.217

Mason Cash

The In The Forest collection from Mason Cash is ideal for keeping your coffee cool and dry. More

Product code: 2002.217
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Mason Cash

The In The Forest collection from Mason Cash is ideal for keeping your coffee cool and dry. More

Product code: 2002.217
Shipping and Payment

Mason Cash In The Forest coffee storage box, white

The Mason Cash In the Forest range of English tableware is cleverly decorated with forest scenes inspired by mid-19th century folk tales, and each piece is inspired by a single animal. On closer inspection, you'll discover tiny leaves and a few cute foxes among them.

The tin coffee tray is ideal for keeping coffee cool and dry. Capacity 1.3 l.


- Length 11 cm

- Width 11 cm

- Height 15 cm

- Recommended for hand washing only

In The Forest Collection

In this collection you will find both the popular Mason Cash bowls, traditionally the large dough bowls - thebut also the small pudding bowls, all designed to be perfectly stackable, with embossed woodland animals. The collection also includes baking dishes, a salt and pepper shaker, a pitcher and everything for serving for serving a proper five o'clock tea - from the teapot to the mug and sugar bowl to the milk jug. Each item, of course, bears elements of the In The Forest collection, with reliefs of forest trees, plants or animals, and is characterised by the perfect craftsmanship so typical of Masson Cash products.

An icon of British design

The crockery, made of high quality stoneware, is heavier than that made of ceramic or otherIt is also much more resistant to abrasion or scratches. You'll be really surprised at how light the cookware is . The weight of the cookware is perfectly distributed, so that not only does it remain light when stirring or kneadingthe stoneware stays in place, but surprisingly, you won't have any trouble holding it in one hand.

Mason Cash = pieces of old England that you just have to love

The origins of the brand, under which fancy English stoneware is sold, go back to the pottery in the town of Church Gresley in the early 19th century. at the heart of the English pottery industry. The town was close to both the sources of raw material and the fuel needed for the kilns, and was perfectly situated for transport. The pottery industry prospered, characterised by white and cane-coloured kitchen vessels as a result of the colouring of the local clay. Initially the pottery was run by several masters, the most prominent of whom was William "Bossy" Mason, after whom it was eventually named. In 1901, Tom Cash bought the firm and renamed it Mason Cash & Co, and in the same year the firsticonic bowl, the design of which has seen little change to this day. And yet it still has a place in today's kitchen. Or is that why?
Thanks to its wide range, which includes not only kneading bowls, but also, for example, baking dishes, ceramic measuring cups andfor various ingredients, multifunctional kitchen utensils or dining sets , you will love and really enjoy the products of this brand.

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